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We provide a uniquely challenging but supportive working partnership that benefits individuals and organizations by improving performance through skill development, confidence and focus.
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We partner with organizations to custom-design activities, processes and training events that specifically address your company's unique challenges.  Consulting work includes:
Visioning:  Revisiting the organization's vision, mission and core values to test for influence and alignment with the strategic plan.  Organizations that have clearly defined vision and mission statements outperform organizations that do not.
Leadership Development:  Implementing talent development activities for managers to become more versatile and capable to effectively manage people, processes, and objectives – and to ultimately advance the organization’s competitive advantage. 
Performance Management:  Collaborating with organizations to develop performance objectives for each role.  Coaching to help managers navigate employee performance conversations.
Succession Planning:  The competition for good talent is intense; however, the competition for great talent is fierce.  Therefore, reviewing the talent 'bench' of the organization is crucial to its future success.  We begin by developing a plan and the process of engaging and nurturing high potential employees at all levels.
Teamwork:  Building collaborative relationships within and across departments to unify efforts and create dynamic, cohesive teams.
Assessments:  Increasing self-awareness, enhancing an employee’s understanding of his or her impact in their role and in the organization.
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We design and facilitate enjoyable and inspiring off-site retreat programs for leaders, work teams, high potentials and executive teams.  The off-site environment allows you to shift your team's full attention from the day-to-day pressures to a shared experience of developing new skills and strengthening work relationships.  One to three-day retreats are customized to your unique business and organizational needs.
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